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Healing: the continual process of seeking to be healthy and feel whole

Healing is the process of allowing yourself to accept the changes in your life and your surroundings while finding peace in the depths of your mind. Healing is not a one-time, definitive incident, but a continuous phase of seeking to make yourself whole.  Healing is transformative.


Depending on the season of life you are in, healing looks and feels different. Everybody is dealing with their own struggles at any given point in time. Take for instance, the 28-year-old female lead Lee Yeo Reum from the K-Drama “Summer Strike.” After dealing with her mother’s death and breaking up with her boyfriend, she decides to quit her job. Next, we know she’s packing her bags to move to a small town called Angok in a fleeting moment of courage. Once in Angok, she forms a unique bond with a sweet, young school girl, a meek librarian, and a whole community of people, all who aid in her healing process, giving Yeo Reum a renewed perspective on life.

A still from “Summer Strike” starring Kim Seol-Hyun. Source & Credits: Studio Genie

Healing involves being absolutely honest with yourself. Often when dealing with emotional stress, we tend to reject the harsh realities initially, because it is our mind’s natural reflex to protect itself. Healing involves accepting the hard truth. Even though that sounds scary, the process of healing is how one realizes one’s own strength.


So how long does healing last? There’s no definitive time and it differs from person to person because everybody takes a different approach to healing. For some it could be keeping themselves busy with something they love, like a hobby or passion. While for others it could be a complete change of environment like we see in case of Summer Strike’s Yeo Reum. There’s a popular saying that time heals everything. The passage of time, little by little, definitely makes it easier to cope with your struggles and heal your mind, body, and soul. However, merely the passage of time is not enough to heal completely. Every effort you make to lift yourself from state of despair, embrace new habits and feel the fresh air on your face, contributes to your healing journey.



That said, where are you in your healing process now?