Oh my, is right. Here in the U.S., one of the most stressful parts of high school is preparing for college. But, it’s a defining factor in Asian culture. In Korea, where you go to college is what can make or break your trajectory in life. 🥺 Hence, (TW) the reason behind many student suicides. That’s why my heart goes out to Deok-sun in episode 15. Imagine hearing your school counselor or teacher tell your parent that it’s going to be hard for you to attend a 4-year college or university due to your poor grades. 😱. This. Is. A. Student’s. Nightmare. 😮

We all know the academic pressures in Asian culture take its toll on one’s mental health. I know that it did mine. Join me in this episode as I share what I have told families in navigating college stress to ensure student success. 🙌 🙏