This deep dive episode was hidden away in my archives and for some reason didn’t air when it was supposed to! And, it’s on a favorite topic so I had to show it of course. 🙌 I know I keep harping on Reply 1988, but there’s just so many gems in this K-Drama.

My whole framework is rooted in promoting healthy emotionality. This is why I absolutely love how well the Reply 1988 teen crew help Taek with pouring out his feelings during a tough time. 😭 I want to point out how the parents tip-toed around Taek and didn’t mention what he was experiencing for fear of it bothering him or making him feel worse. This is typical in the Asian culture, where it’s about showing face, saving face, avoiding, etc. It’s not healthy.

The reality is that children and adolescents – all of us, really – need to feel emotionally safe, especially in the home. We should be able to share about our feelings and thoughts when we want to and need to. Kudos to Taek’s friends for encouraging him to release his true feelings, and in the end, helping him feel better. 👏

How can you be better at expressing yo’self so YOU feel better? 🧐