A favorite character of mine is Deok-sun in Reply 1998. 🥰 She’s got such “AEGYO” – that charming cuteness she shows through her expressions and mannerisms! Deok-sun’s genuineness makes her a winning character in my book because she’s perfectly flawed, relatable, and demonstrates integrity. In Episode 14, she shows us a wonderful example of leadership as a student in front of all her peers regarding an incident at school. This is the moment where I recalled wishing I had a Deok-sun by my side in high school! 😭

Everyone wants to feel normal and part of the group especially among peers at school. Watch episode 14 and see how Deok-sun normalizes what could’ve been a very stigmatized and traumatic experience for the class president. And based on the culture, perhaps this event could’ve led to the class president being bullied. However, thanks to Deok-sun’s heroic actions, her peer comes out unscarred and even self-assured. Bravo! 👏

How can we be more like Deok-sun to normalize and destigmatize mental health, mental illness and physical health?