It’s been an interesting experience watching two K-Dramas (that are currently airing) at the same time. I never do that 😂 so it was super cool to find that two episodes I watched on the same night from two different K-Dramas talked about the same thing – REGRET. I had to talk about regret (and remorse) because it’s what I see the most in folks I with. Having regrets in life based on what you said and did can plague you. It’s what I tend to hear often in families as well. In fact, it’s the most common phrase I tend to hear in therapy: “I really wish I hadn’t…..I keep thinking I should have ……” These are all based on regret which tends to turn into remorse.

How can we best deal with regret so we aren’t living with remorse? What have you said or done recently that you are regretting? How are you managing it so it doesn’t dictate your decisions and control your future in a way that is unhealthy? Ponder these questions as you watch this latest episode. 🧐