Kim Seon Ho: Case Study #1 on Finding Asian Joy in Storytelling and K-Drama Therapy

What can we learn from the Kim Seon Ho effect? It’s that there’s Asian joy in storytelling through drama therapy, or K-Drama therapy. Here’s a look at case study #1 for my premiere Soulful Sunday monthly series. 

Being a trauma specialist,  I look at how trauma affects our lives, assuming we all have some experience with it.  It’s about understanding the healing process for post traumatic growth.   

Post traumatic growth as we see through Kim Seon Ho’s acting, interviews, and on variety TV – is about having a greater appreciation of life, higher self- esteem, stronger connectedness to others, and a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. For storytelling, it results in authenticity in self-expression.   

What can you take away today from Kim Seon Ho’s poignant identity narrative that helps your trauma recovery, build resilience, and gives you hope for joy? ❤️‍🩹