Healing: the continual process of seeking to be healthy and feel whole

Healing is the process of allowing yourself to accept the changes in your life and your surroundings while finding peace in the depths of your mind. Healing is not a one-time, definitive incident, but a continuous phase of seeking to make yourself whole.  Healing is transformative.   Depending on the season of life you are […]

Loneliness: the feeling that nobody is on your side

Loneliness is a feeling that nobody is on your side. The feeling that despite standing in a room full of people, your existence seems invisible.

In fact, loneliness has been referred to as a global epidemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) indicating it can be as bad for people’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. American psychiatrist Robert Waldinger says, “Loneliness kills. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.” Waldinger leads the Harvard happiness study[1] , the longest scientific study of happiness ever conducted.

My Favorite K-Dramas

One of the most popular questions I’ve received in recent weeks is, “Noona’s Noonchi, what are the best K-Dramas of 2022 in your opinion?”

StartUp || Exposing Love and Loneliness

How do love and loneliness affect your mental health? What’s the key to happiness? Love directly correlates to your mental health which is why we get so hooked watching the love triangles in K-Dramas!  

K-Drama Charisma with Christie Golden | Podcast Season 2 Ep. 6

I take any chance I can get to talk about Hometown Cha Cha Cha, one of my favorite K-Dramas in recent years! And, what better way to do a deep dive on it with bestselling author Christie Golden! She’s an avid fan of this K-Drama and Kim Seon Ho who played Hong Banjang.

Noona’s Noonchi REACTS || Like Father Like Daughter

Another Reply 1988 favorite! This scene is one of the best ever and really resonates with me because of the depth of emotion. Here’s where a father and daughter, who are very much alike, can’t show one another their love and affection openly. So, they write a letter to one another on the day of […]