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Welcome to Noona's Noonchi!

A deep dive into your favorite K-Dramas from a mental health perspective.

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Jeanie hosts “Noona’s Noonchi” on YouTube, a deep dive into your favorite Korean dramas from a mental health perspective.  Also known as your Noonchi Noona, Jeanie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and National Mental Health Speaker.

An important aspect of Jeanie’s self-care is watching Korean dramas.  They hold special meaning and have been a pivotal part of her identity journey over the last 25 years. She found herself correlating mental health with what she saw in K-Dramas in her clinical work, even recommending clients to watch them to help understand cultural influences, intergenerational stressors, family and interpersonal relationships. 

Hence, “Noona’s Noonchi” was born! It is Jeanie’s passion to bring mental health at the forefront to dispel stigma and misconceptions in our culture through the fun of K-Dramas.  In essence, understanding that mental health –  your emotional, social, and psychological wellbeing –  is important all the time and is threaded throughout every aspect of our lives.

Jeanie is also the Founder of Your Change Provider, PLLC, a therapeutic practice founded on her cultural confidence™ framework and solutions.

“Enduring the imperfections of our cultural heritage emboldens us to cultural confidence™; forging a path to impactful change for transformation.”

– Jeanie Y. Chang, LMFT, CMHIMP, CCTP
Founder of Your Change Provider, PLLC

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